Blackwater Gulch Pledge Manager


Welcome to the Blackwater Gulch Second Edition Kickstarter Pledge Manager! Thank you all for making our Kickstarter campaign such a huge success! If you are only interested in purchasing our currently-available miniatures, please click here to visit our new online store.

If you are a Kickstarter backer, you should have an account set up here with store credit reflecting your pledge amount. Please check your email or check update #31 on the Kickstarter campaign page for login information. If you were not a Kickstarter backer, you may still pre-order any of the items below, just add them to your cart and check out like normal.

Though the items below will be listed as pre-orders until they are released, we need to have your pledges done and submitted by April 31st, 2017 so that we will know how many copies we need to produce.