Blackwater Gulch


It’s the late 1800’s and the Gold Rush is in full swing in the old west town of Blackwater Gulch. This has brought unprecedented wealth and prosperity to some, but poverty and crime to many others. It is a lawless place, day and night the streets are filled with gangs fighting over turf, gold or just because the town ain’t big enough for all of us.

In Blackwater Gulch, you and your friends form gangs from the variety of miniatures available and use them to fight for fame and fortune. Whether it’s a showdown at the corral, a brawl in the saloon, a dust-up in the mines, or a chase through the outskirts, Blackwater Gulch is action-packed, fast, and fun.

So, get your gang started! Keep your six-guns by your side, and an eye on your back. You’ll never know who’s comin’ down the road...

Blackwater Gulch is a "Western Horror Skirmish Game" of infamous gangs and savage beasts! Click here to download the free rules, and check out our selecton of products below!