Dockside Drifters Classic Starter Set

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Dockside Drifters Classic Starter Set

The Dockside Drifters are one of the newer gangs in Blackwater Gulch. Strangers at first, they recently arrived in town at the same time and set themselves up at the Rusty Oar Hotel and Saloon along the river. Before long they became close friends, working together to fend off attacks from the Clancy Gang and other outlaws, establishing a dominant presence around the docks.

Dr. Belfree is their leader, a physician from Boston who came to town looking for leads in the search for his family. Tennessee is a gunslinger, a former military man with many campaigns against savage Indian tribes. Paco is a Mexican Bounty Hunter, who traveled north tracking his brother's killers. Eddie Escobar and his simple minded friend Mongo have joined the Drifters recently, after helping Dr. Belfree when he was ambushed by the Clancy Gang outside the Golden Coin saloon.

This starter pack contains 5 metal miniatures, 5 30mm round plastic bases and 5 Character Cards. Models supplied unpainted. Sculpted by Bob Naismith.

Note: classic metal miniatures will be packaged with first edition character cards.