Custom Terran Heavy Mech

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Custom Terran Heavy Mech

Fans will usually only have the opportunity see Heavy Mechs in championship games, when victory requires total annihilation at all costs. If these towering death machines pack enough firepower to lay waste to a small city, imagine the carnage they can bring to the small confines of a Mechadrome arena. Heavy Mech pilots are veterans of many seasons, often semi-retired heroes whose presence inspires their team and brings thunderous cheers from die hard fans across the galaxy.

Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. Model also includes 1 60mm round base. Sculpted by Dave Kidd.

NOTE: This model was previously called a Medium Mech. In our next edition of the game we will be adjusting the sizes of our mechs to make room for more smaller mechs and drones so the game will be more affordable. Feel free to sign up for our newsletter below to or follow our facebook page to be notified when the new edition will be available!