Custom Terran Medium Mech

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Custom Terran Medium Mech

Medium Mechs are tough and brutal metal monsters often reserved for a team’s elite pilots. They are too expensive and difficult to maintain for rookies or pilots that haven’t been through enough to prove themselves. Some Medium Mechs will carry heavier weapons, not often seen on Light Mechs. Medium Mechs are armed with two primary weapon systems and two backup turrets often mounted above or below the cockpit.


Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. Model also includes 1 60mm round base. Sculpted by Dave Kidd.

NOTE: This model was previously called a Light Mech. In our next edition of the game we will be adjusting the sizes of our mechs to make room for more smaller mechs and drones so the game will be more affordable. Feel free to sign up for our newsletter below to or follow our facebook page to be notified when the new edition will be available!